e hënë, 17 mars 2008

Workshop Origami di Gramedia Bdg

Tugas Suci
Penulis Kawanpustaka
'giliran demo'
di Toko Buku Gramedia Merdeka Bandung
8 Maret 2008

Bersama Koord.acara dari Tkit Salman AlFarisi, Koord.IGTKA Bdg,
Koord.Workshop TB Gramedia

e premte, 7 mars 2008

Besok! kelas origami di gramedia merdeka Bdg

Halagh terlambat ngundang;p

Silahkan untuk yang sempat baca informasi ini dan berminat untuk hadir:

Kelas Origami untuk umum
Waktu : Sabtu, 8 Maret 2008
Tempat: Gramedia Merdeka Bandung
Instruktur: Maya Hirai (Yups with me!)
- Dasar-dasar Seni Melipat Kertas
- Model-model Origami Favorit

Free Free n Free
*kertas pun sudah disediakan.

See U there!

e diel, 2 mars 2008

Origami utk Permen karet mu

Turn Your Gum Into Origami Art - Gum Flower

Turn Your Gum Into Origami Art - Gum Flower Turn Your Gum Into Origami Art - Gum Flower

As a motivation not to spit your gum into the street, designer Jung-taek Choi has created the Gum Flower. The Gum Flower’s wrapper is a piece of origami. Once you are done with your gum, you fold the wrapper into a cute little origami flower and put the gum inside the flower. Now you have a colorful piece of art instead of a disgusting sticky gum on the street. It also provides a fun alternative to sticking the gum under the desk for kids at school.

Ada-ada ajah.. tapi boleh juga^-^

Ini Lang

TED 2008: Robert Lang, origami expert

(I'm liveblogging from TED 2008, in Monterey, CA)

Presenter: Robert Lang, origami expert

Img 0273

Origami has been around for 100s of years. It didn't change until 1970s when it experienced a Cambrian explosion in variety and techniques. It got richer and more interesting because people started applying math.

Img 0274

The secret to origami, and so many other things, is to let dead people do your work for you, like looking at the geometry of disk packing.

Four simple laws can give rise to very rich complexity in origami. They have to do with properties of crease patterns, angles around a vertex, layer orders, and valleys and ridges. If you obey these laws you can make anything. He has a program on his website that will show you the fold patterns needed to make anything. (You give it a stick figure, it shows you the folds.)

Img 0277

He shows how he uses these mathematical ideas to fold a square sheet of paper into anything.

Origami has applications in other areas, like a solar array that flew in a Japanese satellite telescope, umbrella telescope, solar sail, airbag, heart stent (origami may save a life).